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barstool is the saddest excuse for journalism i’ve ever seen. AND its commenters are the saddest excuse for humans i’ve ever seen.


( i would just like to point out that the “i would definitely sexually assault her” comment has 6, i repeat SIX FUCKING THUMBS UP)

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    In case you didn’t know: UConn changes its logo. This is what it looks like. Some people love it, others hate it. The...
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    This is disgusting. How people can act like this I don’t know.
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    this honestly makes me sick. how can anybody ever say these things!!
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    I feel light-headed from reading these comments. These are not opinions, they are disgusting and disturbing faces of...
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    The world fucking sickens me. Seriously you are all disgusting.
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    THESE ARE REAL PEOPLE WHO EXIST ON EARTH. please tell me again that feminism doesn’t matter, that there is no rape...
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    So followers, this is going down at my college right now. A girl wrote an open letter to the president discussing how...
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